Chinook Winds

Sunday, November 17,
at 3 pm, Swan Valley School

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This past spring, AAI once again organized the Loon & Fish Festival.


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The tour featured six studios, two historical museums and
over 25 artists demonstrating and showing their work up the Seeley Swan and Blackfoot Valleys.

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2 Valleys Stage Archive

The 2 Valleys Stage Archive includes such items as photo and video of past performers, related news items, brochures and rosters from past seasons.

2017 - 2018 Season


August 24th - 6:00 PM
Macbeth - Montana Shakespeare in the Parks
Double Arrow Lodge Grounds


Montana Shakespeare in the Parks is a fully professional touring theatre program affiliated with Montana  State University. Its focus is to deliver free performances of Shakespeare's plays to small rural communities. This year the group will bring "MacBeth" to Seeley Lake.


September 17th - 3:00 PM
Chinook Winds
Swan Valley School

The Chinook Winds are the resident wind quintet of the Great Falls Symphony. Their programs include classic wind quintet literature, works featuring local composers and artists, unique arrangements of popular songs, and a captivating sense of energy. They deliver their art with energy and precision and a sincere and joyous enthusiam.

October 8th - 3:00 PM
Dennis Stroughmatt and L'Esprit Creole
Seeley Swan High School Auditorium


Dennis Stroughmatt was taught to play fiddle by local Creole fiddlers living along the Mississippi River near St. Louis. He is now the authority on this regional pocket of American antiquity. A vibrant blend of Celtic, Canadian and Old Time sounds, this unique music bridges gaps between contemporary Canadian and Louisiana Cajun styles.


December 17th - 3:00 PM
Missoula Community Chorus
Seeley Swan High School Auditorium

The Missoula Community Chorus is a non-profit, non-auditioned Chorus open to all who love to sing. The Chorus embraces a wide range of abilities and welcomes newcomers. Members experience the joy of create beautiful music with a large chorus. The group will sing seasonal selections including pieces from Handel's "Messiah."

February 25th - 3:00 PM
Valinor Quartet
Seeley Swan High School Auditorium


The all acoustic Valinor Quartet encompasses the diverse cultural backgrounds of its members hailing from Russia, Spain, USA and Czech Republic to influence its stylistic diversity and unique performance aesthetic. They bring a global flair to a repertoire that incorporates jazz, gypsy jazz, classical, popular, tango, and movie soundtracks.

March 25th - 3:00 PM
John Roberts Y Pan Blanco
Seeley Lake Community Hall


John Roberts Y Plan Blanco has many years of national and international experiences with West African, Funk, Soul, Salsa, Jazz and R&B ensembles. With vocals in Spanish, English and Portuguese, this group melds energetic Funk, African and Salsa dance grooves with blistering instrumental solos, all aimed at sharing musical diversity with the audience.



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2016-2017 Season

Richard III - Montana Shakespeare in the Parks

August 26, 2016
Double Arrow Lodge Grounds

Shakespeare's depiction of Richard as malicious, power-hungry, and bitter about his physical deformity. Richard plots to seize his brother's throne by removing any and all impediments between himself and the crown.

Fubuki Daiko

October 18, 2016
Seeley Swan High School

CREDIT: Grajewski Foto

Fubuki Daiko reinvents traditional Japanese drumming with their eclectic and energetic performances that are part martial arts athleticism, part meditation, and all rhythm.

Celebration Brass Quintet

November 20, 2016
Swan Valley School

The Celebration Brass Quintet is made up of advanced scholarship students from the University of Montana School of Music, with Dr. Zachary Cooper, Professor of Horn, as advisor/coach. The music performed by the quintet covers almost five centuries of glorious, high energy brass music.



January 8, 2017
Seeley Lake Community Hall

CREDIT: Kristina Moravec

Maracujá takes you on a musical journey around Latin America. From Brazilian samba-funk and fiery Cuban son and to soothing bossa nova and wistful boleros, Maracujá plays music for dancing, music for listening.

Jack Gladstone

March 12, 2017
Swan Valley Community Hall

Called a cultural bridge builder and "Montana’s Troubadour," Jack Gladstone illustrates Western and Native American culture through a mosaic of music, lyric poetry, and spoken word.

The Sapphire Trio

April 23, 2017
Seeley Swan High School

The Sapphire Trio is committed to the legacy of fine art music, celebrating its universal language across the globe, and upholding the art of chamber music as an exciting and dynamic performance genre.  Their concerts include a wide range of new works, traditional works and transcriptions, along with stories and vignettes about the composers and the music.


2015-2016 Season

Cyrano de Bergerac

August 28, 2015
Double Arrow Lodge Grounds

Cyrano, a gifted poet and a romantic, loves Roxane. Buthis is convinced she could never love him in return because of his unattactively long nose. When his friend, Christian, reveals that he loves Roxane, Cyrano agrees to write love letters to her in Christian name.

Norman Foote

October 4, 2015
Seeley Swan High School

Foote's Humour Enlightens and Entertains
By ANDI BOURNE, Pathfinder, October 8, 2015

Norman Foote has created a special niche in the music world and amassed a cross-generational following. His musicality is like no other, mixing clever hooks, witty wordplay and comedy all to great effect. What makes Norman so great is his ability to find subject matter that challenges and engages his audience - both young and old. He puts his theatrical and comedic talents to use as he weaves stories and paints musical imagery that audiences respond to. 

"I had so much fun watching him work his magic with the crowd. Parents, teenagers and young adults were all having a blast. Everyone was connected through the show, it was really special."
- Manager, Resort Municipality of Whistler

Tra le Gael

November 22, 2015
Swan Valley School

Kalispell's Tra le Gael engages and delights audiences with their distinctive renderings of traditional Celtic songs and dance tunes. They also put their own invigorating spin on more contemporary material.

Their voices blend with an astonishing array of instruments: hammered dulcimers, Celtic folk harp, guitar, mandolin, recorder, fiddle, Irish bouzouki, percussion, Irish flute and penny whistles.

Eric Funk calls listening to Tra Le Gael "akin to breathing the clear mountain air in Montana with Ireland on your mind."
-11th and Grant with Erik Funk

"They offer soaring melodies and rich vocal harmonies, driving reels and lively jigs, sweet waltzes and traditional ballads."
-First Night Flathead

Tanya Gabrielian

January 17, 2016
Seeley Swan High School

Pianist Tanya Gabrielian has captivated audiences worldwide with her gripping performances. She shot onto the international stage at the age of twenty and has performed in major venues on four continents.

In addition to the traditional concert stage, Tanya is passionate about inspiring new generations of musicians and music lovers. She is dedicated to community engagement, education and activism through the arts.

"Anyone who says that emerging young pianists all sound alike obviously hasn't heard Tanya Gabrielian." - Peninsula Reviews

"An astounding achievement by any standards, and one I cannot imagine being bettered. Remember the name - Tanya Gabielian - you will be hearing a lot more from her I feel sure."
-Seen and Heard International

Queen Nur

March 20, 2016
Swan Valley School

Stories on Tour with Queen Nur presents a highly interactive performance that brings audiences to their feet. Nationally-known, award winning storyteller, Queen Nur exhuberantly presents timeless tales from African Oral Tradition. Her imaginative dramatizations are interwoven with the energetic percussion playing of Yomi Awodesu.

"Incomparable storyteller Queen Nur presents a tasty treat of stories, songs and dance celebrating her African-American Heritage... An energetic and interactive performnace for audiences of all ages."
- Theatreworks, USA

"Everybody has their own rhythm and everybody has their own style - and that's what makes America so beautiful."
- Queen Nur

Tappan-Roberti Quartet

April 17, 2016
Seeley Swan High School

Ann Tappan's masterful arrangements complement the lyrical vocalizing and scat singing of MJ Williams, the tasteful drum kit of Brad Edwards and the virtuosic bass improvisations of Kelly Roberti. These top jazz artists approach with equal aplomb the music of the Doors or Cole Porter. Come enjoy some of the region's best jazz in the warm acoustic of Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church.

"Ann Tappan display superb phrasing and a Shearing-like minimalist style."
- Jazzscene Magazine, Portland, OR

"The Tappan/Roberti Quartet consists of four of the finest jazz players anywhere. Their sound is the 'state of the art' jazz that international audiences cherish and yearn for."
- Montana Public Television


2014-2015 Season

Chinook Winds

March 8, 2015
Swan Valley School

Chinook Winds, Breath of Fresh Air
By ANDI BOURNE, Pathfinder, March 12, 2015

Photos by Andi Bourne, Seeley Swan Pathfinder

Chinook Winds photo by Scott Photography

Chinook Winds represents the finest of New Age classical artistry. Dedicated to escaping the mold of the traditional chamber music ensemble, Chinook Winds selects daring repertory, employs extended techniques, and creates a feeling of freedom in their stage presence.




February 22, 2015
Seeley Swan High School

Sounds of Paradise Reverberate in Seeley Swan
By ANDI BOURNE, Pathfinder, February 26, 2015

Slideshow photos by Andi Bourne, Seeley Swan Pathfinder


African and Canadian energies meet when Ghanaian-born Okaidja Afroso's multi-instrument playing, singing and authentic dance join flawlessly with the fluid Bluegrass harmonica of Mike Stevens. The result is a complex interlocking of African rhythms and Americana that is strikingly original.


Tom Catmull with Radio Static

January 25, 2015
Seeley Swan High School

Tom Catmull and Radio Static perform original songs that carry a provocative punch, braiding country roots with rockabilly rhythms. Tom is joined by veterans John Sporman on bass, and Travis Yost on drums.



University of Montana Jazz Ensemble

November 2, 2014
Swan Valley School

The U of M Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of trombonist Rob Tapper, is recognized as one of the finest jazz programs in the Northwest. These talented musicians bring skillful solo improvising, dynamic ensemble work, and plenty of excitement to their performances.


String Orchestra of the Rockies with cellist Amit Peled

September 22, 2014
Seeley Swan High School

Famed Musician Plays $3 Million Cello in High School Gym

Betty Vanderwielen, Seeley Swan Pathfinder, October 2, 2014

This remarkable and thrilling orchestra draws upon the talents of some of the finest string players in Big Sky Country. Performing without a conductor, the musicians make exciting and direct connections with their listeners. A soloist of international stature, Israeli cellist Amit Peled stirs audiences with his warm personality and electrifying virtuosity.


Montana Shakespeare in the Parks - As You Like It

August 22, 2014
Double Arrow Lodge Grounds

Shakespeare Kicks Off New Season
By Betty Vanderwielen, Seeley Swan Pathfinder, August 28, 2014
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Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, whose aim is to make the famous Bard's works accessible to all, performed As You Like It. The pastoral romance, which revolves around chance encounters in the forest and several entangled love affairs, is particularly well suited to outdoor staging at the Double Arrow grounds.


2013-2014 Season

Steven Hesla and Barbara Blegen
The music of Sergei Rachmaninoff and the influence of Alexander Siloti

April 13, 2014
Dual concert grand pianos
Seeley Swan High School

Silotissimus Closes out Concert Series
Story and photos by Andi Bourne, Seeley Swan Pathfinder, April 17, 2014

Siloti, Russian pianist, teacher and conductor, first brought to light composers such as Debussy, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, Sibelius, and Stravinsky.  Performing on two 9' concert grand pianos, distinguished pianists Steven Helsa and Barbara Blegen of the U of M Music Department will honor Siloti's life and work.


Wylie Gustafson

January 26, 2014
Seeley Swan High School

21st Century Yodeling Cowboy Entertains Packed House
By Andi Bourne, Seeley-Swan Pathfinder, January 30, 2014

Singer, songwriter, rancher, horseman, and the original world-famous Yahoo!® yodeler, Wylie Gustafson has played thousands of gigs, delighting audiences around the world with his unique brand of good time cowboy music.

Patrick Ball

November 17, 2013
Swan Valley School

Celtic Harp Music and Irish Tales - Patrick Ball

By Colleen Kesterson, Seeley-Swan Pathfinder, November 21, 2013

Photo by Irene Young

Accompanying himself on the legendary brass-strung harp of Ireland with its crystalline bell-like voice, Patrick Ball performs marvelous tales of wit and enchantment—"a richly theatrical and hauntingly beautiful performance."

Bottom Line Duo

October 13, 2013
Swan Valley School

Bottom Line Duo Perform and Inform Amid Smiles and Laughter

By Colleen Kesterson, Seeley Swan Pathfinder, October 24, 2013
Continue reading >>

Photo by Michael Good

Bottom Line Duo breaks down stereotypes to prove that chamber music is accessible to all. With fast fingers and bows—and humor bordering on outright comedy—Spencer and Traci Hoveskeland deliver an amazing repertoire of modern and popular sounds.

Check this link out for an engaging, real-life review of a Bottom Line Duo concert—its worth it!

Shakespeare in the Parks - Henry V

August 23, 2013
Double Arrow Lodge Grounds

Henry V, A Night of Shakespeare
By Andi Bourne, Seeley Swan Pathfinder, August 29, 2013

One of Shakespeare's great history plays: Reprobate Prince Hal ascends the throne after his father's death and transforms himself into a King worthy of his people, inspiring them to near-miraculous feats of victory in his war against France.

2012-2013 Season

Repertory Dance Theatre of Utah

April 21, 2013
Seeley Swan High School

Repertory Dance Theatre's "Snapshots" performances from RDT on Vimeo.


About Repertory Dance Theatre

Artistic / Executive Director Linda C. Smith

Repertory Dance Theatre of Utah (RDT), founded in 1966 in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a professional modern dance repertory company known worldwide for its collection of dance treasures. RDT is both a museum and contemporary gallery representing the scope and diversity of modern dance, past and present. From the early pioneers of the art form to today’s cutting edge choreographers, the company maintains one of the largest collections of modern dance classics in the world. As a repository for this rich heritage, RDT is a resource center and laboratory for contemporary dancers, choreographers, visual artists, writers and composers.

Repertory Dance Theatre's future, like its past, will be rich with community involvement and education as well as artistic growth, preservation and innovation. Striving to increase an awareness of the art of modern dance, the company continues to build partnerships and design programs that serve a variety of audiences. RDT remains committed to building bridges of understanding that de-mystify the art of dance, making it a meaningful part of our culture.

Detailed information, photos and dancer bios


Men of Worth

March 10, 2013
Swan Valley School

Men of Worth Entertain and Impress
By Nathan Bourne of the Seeley Swan Pathfinder, March 14, 2013 (PDF)

Men of Worth to Appear in Condon
By Scott Milner for the Seeley Swan Pathfinder, March 7, 2013 (PDF) 

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In 1968 Irishman James Keigher and Scotsman Donnie Macdonald came together in Southern California and formed the folk-music duo, Men of Worth. Now an international act, they blend their voices in Gaelic harmony accompanied by a varied selection of instruments. Respectful of their cultural traditions, they remain true to music and story, which they wrap in their own unique combination of humor, exciting tunes, and soulful, heartfelt ballads.


Drum Brothers

January 20, 2013
Seeley Swan High School

Drum Brothers world percussion ensemble presents high energy performances that celebrate a mix of ethnic and contemporary sounds: West African djembe and doun-doun drums, udu and frame drums, Australian didgeridoo, flute, guitar, vocals, and hand percussion. Talented multi-instrumentalists, they move easily between uplifting and softer textures.Each concert is a journey through a rich landscape of world rhythm and culture, certain to captivate and awaken the ears of audiences young and old.

The Cascade Quartet

November 4, 2012
Swan Valley School

Drawing on an extensive repertoire from Mozart and Ravel to Zepplin and Brubeck, The Cascade Quartet offers performances praised for their high energy and excellent artistic quality. Passionate about both chamber music and community outreach, the quartet's aim is to enrich the lives and communities across Montana and the Northwest through performances, involvement, and activities that cultivate knowledge and enjoyment of music.

Young Artists
Natalie Dungey - Rosie Weiss - Damian Garvey

September 23, 2012
Seeley Swan High School

Young trumpeter Natalie Dungey, violinist Rosie Weiss, pianist Damian Garvey — these three outstanding young instrumentalists in the classical field collaborated on an exciting concert and school residency. All are prize winners in regional and national concerto competitions and each has performed as a featured soloist with various symphony orchestras throughout the country.

Montana Shakespeare in the Park - Hamlet

August 24, 2012
Double Arrow Lodge grounds



2011-2012 Season

Foothills Brass Quintet - Classical Brass Quintet
Dolce Canto - A Capella Chamber Choir
Jack Gladstone with David Griffith** - Montana’s Blackfeet Troubadour
Eden Atwood and David Morgenroth - Jazz vocalist with piano

Download the 2011 - 2012 Season brochure

2010-2011 Season

Saxophobia with Side Street Strutters Jazz Band - Jazz Saxophone with Rob Verdi
Spencer Bohren - Country Blues from New Orleans
Broken Valley Road Show* - Bluegrass
Philip Aaberg - Piano soloist, composer
Montana Shakespeare in the Parks - Hamlet

Download the 2010 - 2011 Season brochure

2009-2010 Season

Dennis Straughmatt et L’Esprit Creole - French Creole music and culture
University of Montana Percussion Ensemble - French Creole music and culture
Rhythm Angels - Vocal Duet Country-Pop
Mud Bay Jugglers and Tune Stranglers - Theater, juggling with swing band
Montana Shakespeare in the Parks - Midsummer Night’s Dream

Download the 2009 - 2010 Season brochure

2008-2009 Season

Jeffrey Snedeker - French horn soloist – Classical
Missoula Community Chamber Chorale - Choral music from Handel’s Messiah
University of Montana Jazz Band - Big Band Jazz, Lance Boyd directs
Juan L. Sanchez Ensemble - World music
Lineage Dance Company - Contemporary Dance

Download the 2008 - 2009 Season brochure

2007-2008 Season

Chinook Winds Quintet - Classical chamber music
“Bits ‘n’ Pieces” Theater Company /4 - Comedy troupe
CanAm Piano Duo - Classical music for two pianos
Molly’s Revenge! - Celtic music
Bill Harley - singer, guitarist

Download the 2007 - 2008 Season brochure

2006-2007 Season

Bottom Line Duo - Cello and Double Bass
*Leif Peterson /3 and University of Montana Flute Choir - Violin and Flute
Montana Rose - Country/Folk music
Allyson Adams - Actress/Impersonator
Pavlo! - Mediterranean music

2005-2006 Season

Coro Nuevo - Renaissance choral ensemble
Mandir - International music
Pavel Egorov - Russian pianist
Christian Swenson - Human Jazz/Body & Voice Improv
Missoula Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet - Classical chamber music

2004-2005 Season

*Jackie Weitz /2  with the Montana Piano Trio - Piano with violin, cello, and piano
Confluence - Classical guitar and vocal readings
Drum Brothers - World percussion music
Cascade String Quartet - Classical chamber music
Jeni Fleming Trio - Jazz singer

2003-2004 Season

Montana Trombone Chorale - Trombone ensemble
Golden Bough Celtic Band - Celtic music
Eden Atwood - Jazz singer
Bill Bowers - Mime
Mo-Trans Dance Company - Modern dance

2002-2003 Season

Last Chance Dixieland Band - Traditional Dixieland jazz
Celso Machado - Guitar and percussion
Cocinando - Latin jazz
The University of Montana Faculty Woodwind Trio - Flute, clarinet, oboe
*Alex Rosenleaf /1 with Steven Hesla - Classical vocal/instrumental music


*Young Artists are featured in a special residency taking place every other year.
/1 University of Montana student tenor and faculty pianist.
/2 Student pianist.
/3 University of Montana student violinist.
/4 Held in conjunction with a fund raising meal prepared by the Seeley-Swan High School Student Government.

2 Valleys Stage Performing Arts Series is made possible through support from: