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AAI is grateful to everyone who comes out and supports our local artists.

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Donations to AAI support the following programs: Scholarship Fund; Tour of the Arts; Open Book Club; Community Cinema and 2 Valleys Stage. Please contact us if you would like to donate to a specific program.

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will feature the
University of Montana

Jazz Ensemble

January 13, 2019 at 3 PM

 Tickets available at the door.
Adults: $14  ~ Seniors: $12
18 years and under-free with an attending adult.

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to everyone who took part in the 

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Artist Opportunities


Artist Residencies:

Are you an artist interested in sharing your artwork and skills with the students of the Seeley-Swan Valleys? Each of our schools – Swan Valley Elementary, Seeley Lake Elementary and Seeley Swan High School – are interested involving our members in Artists Residencies from November – March. Although the format isn't completely firmed up, the concept is that an artist would offer one-hour tutorials over 2-3 days, with the possibility of a 'show' for the parents at the conclusion. Classroom teachers will be in the classroom and are responsible for managing the students. The cost of materials is covered and potentially a $100+ stipend might be available. If you are interested, call Jenny Rohrer at (406) 754-0034 or email jenny@alpineartisans.org.


ReMarkable Floral

AAI Members Ruth and Mark Mizner-Welch, owners of ReMarkable Floral in Seeley Lake, have designated an area for local artists to use on a consignment basis to sell their work. All mediums are welcome. The commission will be 40% on sales. Contact Ruthi Mizner-Welch, 677-3200, remarkablefloral@gmail.com.


Montana Arts Council - State of the Arts

State of the Arts is a program of the Montana Arts Council designed to provide timely information about the arts to artists and organizations.

Montana artists can download and/or receive a free subscription to the State of the Arts newsletter. Visit art.mt.gov/resources/resources_soasubscribe.asp.


A directory of Montana artists

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Hello All FindArtMontana.com Artists!

Recently, we asked select artists this question. "Why would you want your own profile page on FindArtMontana.com?" And here's the best response we got.

"When someone does an Internet search for my name, I want to show up in all the results on the entire first page."

JUST SO YOU KNOW, when an artist's profile page is built, we put in a fitting meta description and keywords (search terms).  Then we perform weekly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities, which include weekly submitting of our sitemap, checking our blacklist status, refining tags and links, viewing our listings, reviewing analytics weekly, and staying current on SEO tips because they constantly change.

IN OTHER WORDS, we are working hard so you don't have to. Our goal is to promote your Internet presence to the point it has a positive impact on your art and business. For example, site visitors have come from 22 different states already.

Go to FindArtMontana.com often and send your friends there because, as you know, the more traffic the site gets, the higher it shows up in searches. Have you Googled yourself lately?  And followed the links?

Please forward this to any artists who might be interested in joining FindArtMontana.com.



Volunteers are needed to fill the following positions for AAI and 2VS. Contact Jenny Rohrer at jenny@alpineartisans.org or (406) 754-0034 if you are interested.

- Motivated Person(s):

Persons who love the mission of 2 Valleys Stage and willing to assist with various aspects of running the 2VS Performing Arts Series; specific tasks will be assigned according to interest; benefits include great job satisfaction, fun colleagues, fun meetings (about once a month); free season tickets.

- 2VS Volunteer Coordinator:

Assign and communicate with volunteers who serve in various capacities during the 2VS concert season. Ensure they have the information they need. Recruit new volunteers as needed. Attend 2VS Coordinating Council sessions.

- Creative Person:

Design and produce posters and/or other promotional materials for one or more AAI events or activities.

- CD/Ticket Sales:

Handle sales of concert tickets at the door and/or sales of performers' CD's at one or more 2 Valleys Stage performances.

- Art Coordinator for 2VS:

Contact artists about displaying their art at 2VS performances. Artistically arrange pieces at venue for each performance.